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Kassandra Khalil | Visual Storyteller

Kassandra Khalil is a visual artist and arts organizer.

Her work is highly autobiographical, using simple line drawings to explore how gestures evoke personal and cultural memory. Using irregular 2D surfaces such as vellum paper or plant materials, the images activate negative space with texture or translucence as a “memory” space where viewers can remember/imagine/construct the narratives of a piece.


The artist's work was immensely influenced by the exposure to her mother's Haitian culture and the Saint Soleil movement of the mid-20th century. She also pulls inspiration from ancient Egyptian imagery and form, connecting her to her father's heritage.

Beyond her artistic practice, Kassandra has led several programs and initiatives focused on the role of arts and social justice. She is currently the program coordinator at Arts in a Changing America, a CalArts based initiative. Previously, she served as a coordinator at Haiti Cultural Exchange and as media consultant of FiveMyles Gallery.

Raised in Tampa, Florida, Kassandra now lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.​ 

Bend 2016
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