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Ginkgo Trees as Memory Keepers

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  1. truly what something is said or regarded to be; genuine

  2. of the required type; suitable or appropriate.

My mother used to make me copy down sections of the dictionary when I told a lie. She said that writing down each line exactly, taking down honestly what the page said, would teach me what it meant to be straight with people. To be a proper young lady. To sit up right. To keep your feet on the floor. To not make obvious your discontent. More...

twa fwa

twa fwa is a durational study attempting to capture the complex delivery and meaning of cross-cultural Black expression. The onomatopoeic word in Haitian Kreyòl is "twipe" (in English, known as sucking one's teeth) and runs a spectrum of meaning, from distain and disregard to a genial scoff or the beginning of a punchline.



BONBON COCHON augments the ways that humans have perceived pigs as unaware of their environment from a geo-political and consumption perspective, but also in some ways reckless, sloppy eaters and filthy animals. Using research into modern and and historical pigs’ diets, these fully edible objects celebrate both the history of pigs as a global citizen, participating in exchange in the form of commerce and cultural influence, and their discerning palette.

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